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11. November 2020, 18 bis 20 Uhr (MEZ) - International Peace Bureau;

9. Oktober 2020, 12:00 Uhr - Brüssel, AEPF Webinar:

Militarised Geopolitics versus People's Alternatives
Even as the world is caught in the multiple impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate and ecological crises, recession, inequality, hollowing out of democracies, suppression of dissent and minorities by elected authoritarian regimes, geopolitics and a race for hegemony between great powers, regional powers and power blocs continues.
These geopolitical rivalries are a variation of past ideological/ inter-imperialist confrontations with current neoliberal rivalries and the race for hegemony and influence.
The geopolitical and geo-economic contradictions range from the play between the existing great power (USA) and rising powers power (China); to resurgent power Russia; to the assertions of the EU; aspirations of Asian powers like Iran, India, Turkey; to frozen conflicts like between North and South Korea, India-Pakistan, China, etc.
These rivalries encompass the control /influence over territories, maritime routes, seas, outer space. The race for influence includes control over financial flows, communications, new technologies, scientific and cultural competition. This competition is backed by trans-national capital and corporations that is willing to backs chauvinist/racist nationalisms, and turn a blind eye to disasters in the interest of profit. This is evident in the rise of conflict embedded and failed states, migration and refugee flows, suppression of dissent, crushing of labour rights, etc. This strategic competition has deep ecological consequences, negatively impacts the climate and damages people’s lives
In this webinar, we seek to analyse and question the hegemonic/militarised trends in global geopolitics and contrast these with peoples’ security approaches, focussing on social and economic justice and equality.
Marga Ferré (Transform!; Spain)
Lavinia Steinfort (TNI; The Netherlands)
Walden Bello (Activist/Writer/Former MP; The Philippines)
Tariq Ali (Activist/Writer; UK/Pakistan)
Anuradha Chenoy & Kris Vanslambrouck
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01.04.2020 ARD: Zweifel an ZOOM
09.05.2020 Deutschlandfunk: Zoom mit gravierenden Sicherheitsmängeln 

12. August 2020, 18:00 (MEZ) - ICAHD:

6. August 2020, 9:30 AM (New York), 15:30 (Berlin):

In den Vereinten Nationen in New York, werden einige Staaten den Verbotsvertrag ratifizieren. Es ist möglich, die Veranstaltung online mit Zoom anzuschauen.
Setsuko Thurlow und Beatrice Fihn werden für ICAN reden.

Appelle, dem Vertrag beizutreten: