14. Mai 2017 - Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC):

BDS: Upholding our Rights, Resisting the Ongoing Nakba

The BNC Commemorates the 69th Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba
May 15, 2017 marks the 69th anniversary of the 1948 Nakba, the mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland. Between 1947 and 1949, Zionist paramilitaries, and subsequently Israeli forces, made 750,000 to one million indigenous Palestinians into refugees to establish a Jewish-majority state in Palestine.
The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) calls on people of conscience the world over to further intensify BDS campaigns to end academic, cultural, sports, military and economic links of complicity with Israel’s regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid. This is the most effective means of standing with the Palestinian people in pursuing our inherent and UN-stipulated rights, and nonviolently resisting the ongoing, intensifying Nakba.
The Israeli regime today is ruthlessly pursuing the one constant strategy of its settler-colonial project —the simultaneous pillage and colonization of as much Palestinian land as possible and the gradual ethnic cleansing of as many Palestinians as practical without evoking international sanctions.
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20. Februar 2017 - H'aretz, Yotam Berger:

Israel Builds Industrial Zones to Deepen Control of West Bank

Under the international radar, Israel is turning West Bank land into commercial centers – some of which stand vacant. These zones broaden Israeli presence in the territories, including in areas unauthorized for housing construction and outside the settlement blocks.
The Shiloh industrial zone, adjacent to the settlement of that name in the middle of the West Bank, is spread over 500 dunams (125 acres). But a visit to the site shows that it isn’t exactly a humming industrial enclave with masses of workers coming and going from its factories and businesses.
The few small factories at the zone take up only 28 dunams (seven acres, or 5.6 percent of the area) and a total of 36 workers. Most of the land is empty. Several dozen prefab homes were placed there recently for the evacuees of the illegal Amona outpost, but they refused to move there and the structures stand vacant.
This industrial zone is one of 14 that Israel has set up beyond the Green Line. While some are successful and flourishing, with high occupancy rates, others are mostly empty, producing nothing, certainly not jobs.
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7. Februar 2017 - Ha'aretz, Jack Khoury:

Palestinians: Israel's New Land-grab Law Kills Two-state Solution

PLO leader Saeb Erekat says 'Israeli settlement enterprise negates peace and the possibility of the two-state solution' after Knesset passes contentious bill retroactively legalizing expropriation of privately owned Palestinian land.
Palestinian officials decried the contentious bill passed by Israel's Knesset on Monday that would retroactively legalize the expropriation of privately owned Palestinian land, saying it could kill the chances to reach a peace deal along the lines of a two-state solution.
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21. Dezember 2016 - Ha'aretz, Zvi Bar'el:

Way to Go, Amona Settlers

The huge amounts of money that will come raining down on the heads of 40 families from the illegal Amona outpost are protection money, not compensation for evacuation. 
The deal they managed to get out of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, not even he could get from his talks with the United States. If we divide the aid Israel is to receive from the United States, $3.8 million a year, by the number of Israel’s citizens, it comes to about $500 a person a year, or $5,000 over the decade the agreement is in force. The robbers of Amona, in contrast, will be getting about $250,000 per family, and that doesn’t include construction expenses, moving, security and “miscellaneous,” which will come to many times more, even without stretching it over 10 years.
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13. November 2015 - HaOkets, Yehodit Oppenheimer:

Netanyahu’s transfer plan is met with silent complicity

The prime minister’s proposal to revoke the residency status of 100,000 East Jerusalemites sends an unequivocal message to all Arabs living under Israeli rule: your rights are rooted in our good will alone, and conditionally so. The silence of Israel’s ‘democratic’ camp is deafening.
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26. Juli 2015 - Ha'aretz, Barak Ravid und Chaim Levinson:

Defense Ministry internal report:

Land at village slated for demolition privately owned by Palestinians

Civil Administration report obtained by Haaretz cites Ottoman deed, may halt planned demolitions in West Bank village of Sussia.

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23. Juli 2015 - The New York Times, Nasser Nawaja:

Israel, Don’t Level My Village

In 1948, as Israeli forces closed in on his village of Qaryatayn, my grandfather carried my father in his arms to Susiya, about five miles north, in the South Hebron Hills area.
“We will go back home soon,” my grandfather told my father.
They did not. Qaryatayn was destroyed, along with about 400 other Palestinian villages that were razed between 1948 and the mid-1950s. My family rebuilt their lives in Susiya, across the 1949 armistice line in the West Bank.
In 1986, my family was expelled from our home once again — not because of war, but because the occupying Israeli authorities decided to create an archaeological and tourist site around the remains of an ancient synagogue in Susiya. (A structure next to the abandoned temple was used as a mosque from about the 10th century.) This time, it was my father who took me in his arms as the soldiers drew near.
“We will return soon,” he said.
We did not. Without compensation, we were forced to rebuild Susiya nearby on what was left of our agricultural lands.

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22. Juli 2015 - Ha'aretz, Amira Hass:

Halting demolition of Palestinian village
will be the exception, not the rule

Whether or not Sussia is saved from destruction, Israeli bulldozers will continue their work on others.

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The misleading legal arguments that legitimize injustice in the West Bank

9. Juli 2015 - MONDOWEISS, David Etherington:

"The World Hears"

Susiya village calls on solidarity activists to help prevent its destruction<

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28. Mai 2015 - Augenzeugen aus Gropbritannien und Irland:


Sharing eyewitness stories of Palestinians and Israelis living under occupation and working nonviolently for a just peace

7. Mai 2015 - B'tselem:

Palestinian village Khirbet Susiya under imminent threat
of demolition and expulsion

Susiya reflects Israeli authorities’ policy throughout Area C of West Bank

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14. Juli 2014 - International Women's Peace Service, Anna Baltzer:

Life in Occupied Palestine

Eyewitness Stories & Photographs
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