15. Juli 2019 - Ha'aretz, Amira Hass:

Israel’s Academy for Indifference

Why should Israeli professors and students care that their country is subverting the academic freedom of Palestinian universities and interfering with their hiring of foreign lecturers?
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16. Februar 2017 - Ha'aretz, Amira Hass:

Despite Trump's Statements During Netanyahu Meet,

Abbas and Palestinians Get Another Reprieve

Trump came and Trump will go, while the Palestinians remain with their demand to be freed of Israeli rule, which for them means military occupation, colonialism, apartheid.
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28. Oktober 2015 - Al Jazeera:

The Al-Aqsa cameras are a sideshow
There is the issue of Israeli impunity, even when provocations are filmed and documented.
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22. Oktober 2015 - The Nation,  Diana Buttu and Nadia Hijab:

 Why Palestinians Need an International Protection Force
It will ensure that lives are placed above politics, and defend a besieged population nearing its 50th year under brutal occupation.
P alestinians have taken to the streets to demonstrate against nearly 50 years of military rule and the denial of their freedom at the hands of Israel. These protests come after the death of the peace process, the election of a right-wing Israeli government that has stated it has no intention of granting Palestinians their rights, and growing discontent with the unelected Palestinian Authority (PA).
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21. Oktober 2015 -  Norman G. Finkelstein , Mouin Rabbani and Jamie Stern-Weiner:

 Is This the 3rd Palestinian Intifada?
The current uprising could advance the cause of liberation—but only if it’s transformed into a nonviolent mass movement, coordinated closely with international solidarity activists.
 he Palestinian uprising is now entering its fourth week. There appears to be a broad consensus on the genesis of the violence, which has left at least 40 Palestinians and seven Israelis dead since October 1, and more than 1,200 Palestinians injured. How it may develop in the days and weeks ahead is much less clear.
 Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, now almost fifty years old, is more entrenched than ever, while even the pretense of a political process aimed at bringing the occupation and the conflict to an end has been effectively abandoned. Political despair has been compounded by economic desperation. In Gaza, two-fifths of the population lives in poverty, and youth unemployment is the world’s highest, at more than 60 percent. In East Jerusalem, the epicenter of the uprising, 75 percent of Palestinians live below the poverty line. Even in the remainder of the West Bank, where donor aid and a credit bubble have sustained the fiction of an economy, fully one in three of those aged 20 to 24 are unemployed. It is no coincidence that, of the 30 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces from October 1–14, nearly two-thirds were between the ages of 18 and 22.
 Such travails are not the product of an economic cycle or austerity policies, but rather the result of systematic institutional discrimination by a colonial regime over many decades. In East Jerusalem, which is not only occupied but has also been illegally annexed by Israel, the government and municipal authorities demolish more Palestinian homes on the pretext of a lack of planning permission than they issue permits for new construction; seize land and property for the further expansion of illegal Jewish settlements; and revoke the residency status of entire families. In the remainder of the West Bank, most of it under direct Israeli military rule, similar policies are pursued with even greater brutality.
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September / Oktober 2015 - AidWatch, Shir Hever / Richard Falk:

How Much International Aid to Palestinians Ends Up in the Israeli Economy?

Palestinian Aid Subverted and Diverted to the Israeli Economy:
Why Donors Should Care

Shir Hever's Research Article:
    How Much International Aid to Palestinians Ends Up in the Israeli Economy? 
A commentary by Richard Falk on the legal and human rights implications of
    Shir Hever’s analysis of Palestinian aid that ends up in the Israeli economy
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6. September 2013 - Ha'aretz:

Dutch engineering giant cancels East Jerusalem project
The Dutch government had warned Royal HaskoningDHV against a wastewater treatment plant with the Jerusalem municipality, because it was to be built over the Green Line.
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25. September 2012 - Ha'aretz:

For Jewish settlers, the grass is always greener
While agricultural lands cultivated by settlers in the West Bank are blossoming, those belonging to Palestinian farmers are in dire need of investment - and water. A case study.
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28. Dezember 2011 - Ha'aretz:

 Israel is exploiting the resources
of the occupied West Bank

Hague Conventions say that an occupying state is entitled to reap some of the fruits of the occupied territory's assets, it must not deplete their 'capital' by harming the assets themselves.
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