15. April 2014 - Syrian Arab News Agency:

Syria holds US, Turkish government, Israel, Saudi Arabia
responsible for previous and potential chemical massacres in Syria

The countries involved in the conspiracy against Syria, particularly the US, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have sought since day one to create excuses for justifying a continuation of the aggression against it, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said.

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10.04.2014: Robert Fisk
04.04.2014: Seymour Hersh

4. April 2014 - London Review of Books, Seymour M. Hersh:

The Red Line and the Rat Line

Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels

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[ Interview with Seymour M. Hersh ] ( 30 min. )

22. September 2013 - The Independent, Robert Fisk:

Gas missiles 'were not sold to Syria'
Export papers seem to back Assad's denial over sarin attack
– but Russians won't go into detail

While the Assad regime in Damascus has denied responsibility for the sarin gas missiles that killed around 1,400 Syrians in the suburb of Ghouta on 21 August, information is now circulating in the city that Russia's new "evidence" about the attack includes the dates of export of the specific rockets used and – more importantly – the countries to which they were originally sold. They were apparently manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1967 and sold by Moscow to three Arab countries, Yemen, Egypt and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's Libya. These details cannot be verified in documents, and Vladimir Putin has not revealed the reasons why he told Barack Obama that he knows Assad's army did not fire the sarin missiles; but if the information is correct – and it is believed to have come from Moscow – Russia did not sell this particular batch of chemical munitions to Syria.
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19. September 2013 - Ha'aretz:

Putin: Syria's chemical arms are response to Israel's alleged nukes
Responding to a question about Assad's arsenal, the Russian president says it was built up because of Israel's alleged nuclear stockpile.
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12. September 2013 - PRESS.TV:

Russian daily reports details of Moscow’s plan
on Syria chemical weapons

Russian officials submitted the four-stage plan to the United States on Wednesday.
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12. Dezember 2012 - GlobalResearch, Michel Chossudovsky:

The Syria Chemical Weapons Saga:

The Staging of a US-NATO Sponsored Humanitarian Disaster

Modeled on the Saddam Hussein WMD narrative, the propaganda ploy concerning the alleged threat of Syria’s chemical weapons has been building up over several months.
The Western media suggests - in chorus and without evidence - that  a "frustrated" and "desperate" president Bashar al Assad is planning to use deadly chemical weapons against his own people. Last week, U.S. officials revealed to NBC News that "Syria’s military has loaded nerve-gas chemicals into bombs and are awaiting final orders from al-Assad".
Western governments are now accusing Syria of planning a diabolical scheme on the orders of the Syrian head of State. Meanwhile, the media hype has gone into full gear. Fake reports on Syria’s WMD are funneled into the news chain, reminiscent of the months leading up to the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.
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