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1. Oktober 2014 - Ludwig Watzal:

Netanyahu at the UN:
Political Distortedness and Hypocrisy at its Best

On behalf of the people of Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered one his usual political distorted sermons to the UN General Assembly. "The people of Israel pray for peace", said Netanyahu to an almost empty auditorium. Just after the "most moral army in the world" (Ehud Barak) slaughtered 2140 Palestinians, 80 per cent civilians, ravaged the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip, made several hundred of thousands people homeless, and on top of it, the Israeli government wants to investigate its own war crimes! This is Chutzpah Israeli style.

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7. August 2014 - DemocracyNow!

"A Hideous Atrocity":
Noam Chomsky on Israel’s Assault on Gaza &
U.S. Support for the Occupation

(First presenting 9 minutes of short news from around the world)

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31. Juli 2014 - Ha'aretz, Gideo Levy:

It’s all Hamas’ fault, right Israel?

More than 1,200 Gazans have been killed, about 80 percent of them civilians. But Israelis’ hands are clean and their consciences are quiet - so quiet you could cry.

It’s so easy to be an Israeli; your tender conscience is pure as the driven snow: Everything is Hamas’ fault. The rockets are the fault of Hamas; that can be taken for granted. Hamas started the war, for no reason; that, too, “goes without saying.” Hamas is a vicious terrorist organization, beasts in human form, born to kill, fundamentalists – and apart from that, Mrs ...

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