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7. und 9. September 2013 - International Action Center:

Hands Off Syria Actions Momentum Grows

A collective fierce voice demanding, "Not another war" is resounding across the country and around the world.

Now is the moment to make our voices heard.

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3. September 2013 - Washington, Code Pink:

31. August 2013 - London:

National Demonstration
No War on Syria

Stop the War Coalition

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31. August 2013 - ANSWER:

Anti-war chants heard in the Rose Garden
during Obama's speech

Press release issued by the ANSWER Coalition

31. August 2013:



Statement by:
Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt)
Revolutionary Left Current (Syria)
Union of Communists (Iraq)
Al-Mounadil-a (Morocco)
Socialist Forum (Lebanon)

We Stand Behind the Syrian People's Revolution
No to Foreign Intervention



Over 150 thousand were killed, hundreds of thousands injured and disabled, millions of people displaced inside and outside Syria. Cities, villages, and neighborhoods were destroyed fully or partially, using all sorts of weapons, including warplanes, scud missiles, bombs, and tanks, all paid for by the sweat and blood of the Syrian people. This was under the pretext of defending the homeland and achieving military balance with Israel (whose occupation of Syrian land is, in fact, being protected by the Syrian regime, which failed to reply to any of its continuing aggressions).

Yet, despite the enormous losses mentioned above, befalling all Syrians, and the calamity inflicted on them, no international organization or major country – or a lesser one – felt the need to provide practical solidarity or support the Syrians in their struggle for their most basic rights, human dignity, and social justice.

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27. August 2013 - International Action Center, John Catalinotto:

STOP U.S. war on SYRIA

Coast-to-coast protests

Without presenting even a hint of proof of Washington’s allegations that Syria has used poison gas, Secretary of State John Kerry has announced that a rocket attack on the sovereign state of Syria from four U.S. destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean is imminent.

Each destroyer deploys 90 cruise missiles, so even a time-limited attack would cause enormous damage.

This blatant and illegal threat, supported only by Washington’s co-criminals in London and Paris — the former colonial powers in the Middle East — drew an immediate angry reaction from anti-war organizations around the world and in the U.S. itself.

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27. August 2013, 17:00 - New York City, Times Square: