23. Februar 2017 - EU Neighbourhood Info Centre:

EU condemns latest demolitions of Palestinian structures in Area C

The EU has condemned the latest demolitions of Palestinian structures in Area C of the occupied West Bank, in a statement issued on 21 February by the European Union Representative and the EU Heads of Mission in Jerusalem and Ramallah.
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12. Dezember 2014 - Miko, Peled:

This is NOT Recognition.
As the recognition by European countries of a so called “State of Palestine” continues, it is becoming obvious that this is nothing but an old colonial trick dusted and reused. The fact that liberal Zionist hypocrites the likes of the Israeli writers Amoz Oz and David Grossman are all over it says it all. In the triangular relations between the Europeans, the colonial regime in Palestine – Israel, and the Palestinians, all remains the same.
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14. Oktober 2014 - Miko Peled:

Sweden and Britain Have Spoken.
I was thrilled to hear that the Swedish and then the British parliaments voted to recognize Palestine, or rather the State of Palestine. I think that this is a joyous day for all peace and freedom loving people.
So now we can expect to see the Israeli military pulling back, checkpoints being dismantled and that grey ugly and very costly wall come tumbling down at last. Soon Shuhada street in Hebron will be open for business and the settlers will vacate the homes they stole and return to wherever it was they they came from. Now there is no longer need for Palestinians in the old cities of Hebron, Jerusalem and Silwan to remain in their homes for fear that they be taken by armed Jewish settler mobs.
Sadly, however, Sweden and the UK have chosen the easy way out. Instead of dealing a real blow to the apartheid Zionist regime in Jerusalem, instead of sending a message that violence and racism will not be tolerated, they chose an empty gesture, they chickened out and voted for nothing.
As one wise Palestinian lady said: “They can keep their vote.”
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Mai 2013 - Palestine Liberation Organization, Negotiations Affairs Dpmt.:

EU Trade with Israeli Settlements
The transfer by an Occupying Power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies constitutes a grave breach of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention and violates the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Such acts are war crimes under international law.
Yet this has been the policy of the Government of the State of Israel since the beginning of its occupation in 1967. Forty-six years later, the Israeli settlement enterprise in the Occupied State of Palestine is a profitable undertaking based on the theft and colonization of Palestinian land and natural resources with seemingly no political, legal, or diplomatic cost for Israel. This must change.
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8. März 2006 - European Commission:

EU tells Israel to release Palestinian customs duties
The European Commissioner for external relations has said Israel should transfer money due to the Palestinian Authority it has held back since Hamas won the Palestinian elections in January.
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