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13. November 2015 - CTV News Channel:

Tensions between Europe and Israel
University of Montreal professor of history Yakov Rabkin joins us to discuss the growing tension between Israel and Europe after the EU decided to label goods made in Israeli settlements [1].
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#1: 11.11.2015 Europäische Kommission:

5. November 2015, 13 bis 14 Uhr (EST) - Washington, The Palestine Center:

The Plight of Palestinians in the Syrian Conflict
Vortrag von Dr. Faedah Totah, Associate Professor of Political Science, Virginia Commonwealth University
Video [ Livestream ] [ alternativ ] [ Nachhören und -sehen ]

30. Oktober 2015 - MondoWeiss, Annie Robbins:

Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp,
‘We will gas you until you die’

A shocking video has emerged recording a loud verbal threat from the Israeli military to residents of Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem. As a military jeep rolls down an empty quiet street a threatening voice comes over the loudspeaker “You throw stones and we will hit you with gas until you die.” The words spoken seems almost unfathomable.
Video [ mehr ]

27. Oktober 2015 - Jewish Voice for Peace:

Israeli Conscientious Objectors, Shministim
Shministim (conscientious objectors) say why they refuse to serve in an army that occupies the Palestinians. Older Jewish Voice for Peace video, still relevant...
Video [ Video-clip (ca. 2 Min.) ]

26. Oktober 2015 - Jewish Voice for Peace:

Protest of JNF national meeting in Chicago
Video [ Video-Clip (ca. 2 Min.) ]

26. Oktober 2015 - Youtube, Philipp Weiss and Lillian Rosengarten:

[ Interview (ca. 45 Min.) ]

20. Oktober 2015 - MondoWeiss, Philip Weiss:

Facing down hecklersin NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state
[ vollständiger Bericht ]

18. Oktober 2015 - Russia Today:

Interview with Normal G. Finkelstein:
part1 Stabbings in West Bank mean despair, First Intifada started same way ( ca. 0h18 )
part2 Third Intifada goal is to end illegal Gaza siege ( ca. 0h21 )

16. Oktober 2015 - Washington, The Palestine Center:

Erased from Space and Consciousness:
Israel and the Depopulated Palestinian Villages of 1948

Vortrag von Noga Kadman; she is an Israeli researcher in the field of human rights and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, whose main interest is to explore the encounter between Israelis and the Palestinian presence in the landscape and history of the country.
Video [ Video-Aufzeichnung (in Englisch) ]

16. Oktober 2015 - Jewish Voice for Peace:

Elderly Palestinian Man Confronts Israeli Forces
Many victims of recent violence have been teenagers ... children. This brave older man stands up to Israeli soldiers to admonish them.
Video [ Video-Clip (ca. 2 Min.) ]

6. Oktober 2015 - B'TSELEM:

Palestinian youth violently and wrongfully arrested for five days
because the Israeli Police didn't bother to check his alibi

[ Video-Aufzeichnung ] [ in Englisch ] [ Protest ]

9. September 2015 - DemocracyNow!

German Lawmaker:
At the Root of Refugee Crisis are Wars Led by the United States in the Middle East

The United Nations is now estimating at least 850,000 people are expected to cross the Mediterranean this year and next, seeking refuge in Europe to escape violence and unrest in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, sub-Saharan Africa and other regions. Already 366,000 people have arrived in Europe this year. Earlier today, the president of the European Commission called on European Union member states to accept a total of 160,000 asylum seekers from war-torn countries. We speak to Annette Groth, member of the German Parliament and spokeswoman for human rights for the Left Party. She just returned last week from a trip to Hungary, where she saw thousands of migrants stranded at the Budapest train station. "What is the root for this massive migration?" Groth asks. "It is war, it is terror, and it is the former U.S. government who is accountable for it."
[ Viedo-Aufzeichnung (ca. 20 Min.) ]

19. August 2015 - People & Power, Yotam Feldman:

Gaza: Deadly Assaults

People & Power investigates two deadly attacks by the Israeli army
during the 2014 war on Gaza.

[ Video bei Al Jazeera (ca. 25 Min.) ]

4. August 2015 - Al Jazeera, Mehdi Hasan:

Mehdi Hasan goes Head to Head with Michael T. Flynn, former head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, on how to deal with ISIL and Iran.

[ Video-Aufzeichnungbei YouTube (ca. 47 Min.) ]

29. Juli 2015 - Amnesty International:

Black Friday

The 1st August 2014 saw the darkest day in the Gaza Conflict of 2014 - Black Friday. This is the story of what happened that day - which saw the highest number of Palestinian civilians lose their lives under a massive bombardment by the Israeli military - told in most extraordinary detail in a joint investigation by Amnesty International and the Forensic Architecture department of Goldsmiths, University of London. Using a 3D model of Rafah and hundreds of stills, video footage, testimonies this collaboration shows that there is strong evidence that the Israelis committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity: something they have always denied. It is the story of the kidnapping of a soldier, a secret military order and the extraordinary price paid by Palestinian civilians for a single Israeli life.

[ Video-Aufzeichnung (ca. 15 Min. bei YouTube) ]

29. Juli 2015 - The Palestine Center:

Gaza, Today and Tomorrow:
Current Challenges and Future Prospects


  • Ilana Feldman,
    Associate Professor of Anthropology, George Washington University and
  • Matthew Reynolds
    Washington Representative, UNRWA for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

[ Video-Aufzeichnung ( ca. 1h) ]

23. Juli 2015 - The REAL news, Paul Jay:

Max Blumenthal on Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

Max Blumenthal talks to Paul Jay about his new film on Islamophobia & anti-Semitism in France

[ Video-Aufzeichnung (ca. 20 Min.) ]

16. Juni 2015 - Miko Peled:

Why Did Rep. Duncan Hunter & Rep. Juan Vargas
Try to Shut Me Up?

Two members of US Congress tried to prevent me from giving this speech at this college!

[ vollständiger Bericht ] und [ Video-Aufzeichnung (ca. 1h05) ]

10. Juni 2015 - The Electronic Intifada, Ali Abunimah:

Shocking words of Israeli leaders read aloud in Irish parliament
In this video, Irish lawmaker Richard Boyd Barrett reads out some of the more shocking, violent and racist statements recently made by Israeli ministers and military officials.
Boyd Barrett was speaking in Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the parliament of the Republic of Ireland, yesterday during questions to Taoiseach (prime minister) Enda Kenny about his visit to Paris earlier this year. Kenny had taken part in a staged photo opportunity with other heads of state and government following the killings at Charlie Hebdo.
Video [ Video-Aufzeichnung ]

5. Mai 2015 - Alison Weir (If Americans Knew):
Against Our Better Judgement

[ Aufzeichnung eines Vortrags in der Binghamton University ] (ca. 1h25)

29. April 2015 - Oxford Union Society:

Hamas is Not a Greater Obstacle to Peace Than Israel


Avi Shlaim (ca. 11 Min.)
Mishana Hosseinioun (ca. 7 Min.)

10. April 2015 - Washington, National Press Club: THE ISRAEL LOBBY:

Is It Good for the US? Is It Good for Israel?
[ Video-Aufzeichnung (ca. 2h30) ] Video [ einzelne Audio-Aufzeichnungen ]
[ Transkriptionen ]

21. bis 24. März 2015 - Washington, Walter E Washington Convent. Center:

5th J Street National Conference:
A Clear Choice for a Better Future

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März 2015 - Banksy:

Welcome to Gaza
[ ein kurzes Video über Gaza ]

1. März 2015 - Washington DC,

Shutting Down AIPAC
With Miko Peled and Philip Giraldi to discuss AIPAC’s political power and how best to counter it.
[ Video-Aufzeichnung (ca. 2h) ] [ Transkript der Rede von Miko Peled ]


4. Februar 2015 - The Chicago Council on Global Affairs:

Der Gründer und Vorsitzende des führenden privaten US-amerikanischen Think Tank STRATFOR (Abkürzung für Stategic Forecasting Inc.) George Friedman in einem Vortrag für The Chicago Council on Global Affairs über die geopolitischen Hintergründe der gegenwärtigen Ukraine-Krise und globalen Situation insgesamt.
[ Video-Ausschnitte (ca. 12 Min., mit Untertiteln in Deutsch) ]

13.03.2015: Kommentar von Albrecht Müller (Nachdenkseiten)
18.03.2015: mehr zu Strafor bei "le Bohemien"

22. Januar 2015 - Democracy Now!: Inside the U.S. Torture Chambers:

Prisoner’s Guantánamo Diary Details: 12 Years of Abuse, Terror

After a seven-year legal battle, the diary of a prisoner held at Guantánamo Bay has just been published and has become a surprise best-seller. Mohamedou Ould Slahi’s diary details his experience with rendition, torture and being imprisoned without charge. Slahi has been held at the prison for more than 12 years. He was ordered released in 2010 but is still being held. "The cell — better, the box — was cooled down so that I was shaking most of the time," he writes. "I was forbidden from seeing the light of the day. Every once in a while they gave me a rec time in the night to keep me from seeing or interacting with any detainees. I was living literally in terror. I don’t remember having slept one night quietly; for the next 70 days to come I wouldn’t know the sweetness of sleeping. Interrogation for 24 hours, three and sometimes four shifts a day. I rarely got a day off." We air a clip of a Guardian video about Slahi’s case, which features actors Colin Firth and Dominic West reading from his diary. We speak with three guests: Slahi’s lawyer, Nancy Hollander; book editor, Larry Siems; and Col. Morris Davis, the former chief military prosecutor at Guantánamo Bay, who says Slahi is "no more a terrorist than Forrest Gump."
[ Video-Aufzeichnung ] [ first chapter of the book (PDF) ]

20. Januar 2014 - Ron Paul Channel:

Libertarian Angle: Charlie Hebdo Blowback from Abu Ghraib?

Let’s revisit the terrorist attack in Paris on Charlie Hebdo. One of the aspects that we didn’t discuss is one that is significantly important, especially with respect to the libertarian principles of a free society, and that is gun control which, of course, France has long subscribed to.
The attack in Paris was really driven by anger and rage arising from U.S. foreign policy which, of course, the French have been part of since at least 9/11. The lead paragraph in the New York Times talked about this. One of the terrorists said that when he saw what U.S. troops were doing to men at Abu Ghraib after the Iraq invasion, he just got horribly angry, filled with rage, and this just set him off on this journey of taking on U.S. troops and the empire and the coalitions of the willing and so forth.
[ Video-Aufzeichnung ]

8. Januar 2015 - DemocracyNow!

Close Guantánamo — Then Give It Back to Cuba

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the arrival of the first post-9/11 prisoners to Guantánamo Bay, the most notorious prison on the planet. This grim anniversary, and the beginning of normalization of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, serves as a reminder that we need to permanently close the prison and return the land to its rightful owners, the Cuban people. It is time to put an end to this dark chapter of United States history.
[ Video-Aufzeichnung ]

2. Januar 2015 - Voice of Palestine:

Interview with Mazin Qumsiyeh

Professor and Director of Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH), Bethlehem University [ MP3 (ca. 42 Min.) ]

[ Human Rights Newsletter ]