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19. Apr 2012 - Europ. Coord. of Committees & Associations for Palestine:

Call for action:

ask your MEPs to reject the new EU-Israel agreement

In May (changed several times , now set to "September") the European Parliament is set to vote on a new trade agreement with Israel. If passed, the Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products (ACAA) would remove barriers to trade between Israel and member states in industrial products, especially pharmaceuticals.

Such an agreement would strengthen EU-Israel relations and would reward Israel for its continued violations of international law.

The European Union claims to implement a policy of “positive engagement” with Israel. This policy has failed: despite numerous EU condemnations, Israel has continued its gross infringements of universal human rights with impunity. Israel’s settlements have expanded, the blockade on Gaza remains and new laws to discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel have been introduced.

Following the Gaza massacre of 2008-09, the EU vowed to not implement any further upgrades in EU-Israel relations. The implementation of the ACCA agreement would be a betrayal of this policy that will only encourage further Israeli violations of international law.

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Die Petition läuft weiter bis 23. Oktober 2012!
Bitte auch den Aufruf vom 16. Oktober 2012 beachten!

20. März 2012 - Society of St. Yves:

Thirsting for Justice:
Stop the demolition of Rain Collecting Cisterns
in Area C of the West Bank

[ Petition an The High Court of Justice, Israel ]