15. Juni 2015 - Lilian Rosengarten:

Dear Mr Juergen Roters,

I am Lillian Rosengarten born in Frankfurt in 1935 and a refugee fro Nazi Germany. I now live in New York. I hope you do not mind my writing in English to you.

I was the only American on the Jewish Boat that tried to break the siege in Gaza in September 2010. We were four elderly Jews , our Jewish captain Glyn Secher and two Israeli refusenik's Yonatan Shapiro and his brother Itamar. On board we had Reuven Moscovitz, an 85 year old Holocaust Survivor who lives in Israel and Rami Elahan an Israeli whose 14 year old daughter was murdered by a suicide bomber.

I am in mourning as a Jew for the crimes we are causing in Israel/Palestine. I understand Zionism but I see it as a modern day catastrophe. It is a racist ideology. I must ask this question. Do Jews who have been victimized and brutalized have the moral right to occupy and disenfranchise another people?

I am a Jew and I love my people but we can no longer remain silent for then we are complicit with the crime of apartheid and human rights horrors.

It is NOT ANTI-SEMITIC to oppose apartheid . Israel can never be free until Palestine is free.

I have written a book translated into German last year.

Ein bewegtes Leben:
Von den Schatten Nazi- Deutschlands zum judischen Boot nach Gaza

In September I will be doing a speaking tour (in German) in Germany.

I ask you to reconsider and allow the exhibition "Breaking The Silence" to be shown. You will be supporting freedom and standing up against 48 years of apartheid and humiliation of the Palestinian people. You will also be admired by many.

I embrace you with peace and hope,

Lillian Rosengarten

Speakerstour in Deutschland vom 2. bis 15.9.2015