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28. September 2016 - Russia Today:

The Crimes of Shimon Peres

Miko Peled spoked RT’s Afshin Rattansi about Shimon Peres’ legacy as the architect of illegal Israeli settlements and as the man who brought nuclear weapons to the Middle East.
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16. Februar 2016 - Amertican Herald Tribune, Miko Peled:

Plagued by dishonesty - The Israeli Media

As I write these words, Palestinian journalist Mohammad Alqiq is on the eighty-second day of his hunger strike, and may well be taking his last breaths, protesting his illegal and unjustifiable arrest by Israel. As this humanitarian drama is taking place, the Israeli media is obsessed with some infantile rivalry between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli President Rivlin, arguably, two of the stupidest men in the Middle East, and typically, the story of Alqiq barely gets mentioned. This of course is no surprise. The Israeli media is a combination of tabloid garbage and self-righteousness justifying Israeli crimes. In fact, trying to watch the news via the Israeli media is all together a mind numbing experience, making Fox news seem like serious journalism.
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7. Januar 2016 - Juan Cole, Lillian Rosengarten:

Separating anti-Semitism from Anti-Zionism

The distinction between Zionism and Judaism remains in constant need of clarification and discussion. Fanatics closed to discussion believe in their moral superiority and create political terror so as to silence and deny. The charge of “delegitimizing Israel“ requires one to question what the Israeli government is hiding and whether Israel has not delegitimized itself through decades of illegal human rights abuses. I believe these abuses have contributed profoundly to the rise of true anti-Semitism in the world today.
Propaganda has successfully blurred the distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. With adeptness and manipulation they have succeeded in spreading a form of fear to Europe and the United States. Use of the Holocaust as propaganda also invites fear and hysteria.
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