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24. und 30. November 2009 - Haaretz:

A Palestinian peace plan Israelis can live with
Ray Hanania is a compassionate and, in fact, delightful person, with rare insight into the aspirations and failings of Palestinians and Israelis. In the eyes of many, that alone ought to disqualify him from consideration as a leader in the Holy Land.
Add to that, the fact that the acclaimed journalist also happens to be a first-generation Palestinian-American married to a Jewish woman, as well as a stand-up comedian who has appeared alongside Jewish comics, and the self-destructively polarized electorate of the Holy Land will need to expend not a whiff of thought in dismissing him out of hand.
Which all makes his candidacy for the president of Palestine, and the Mideast peace proposal that is his platform, all the more compelling. He is realistic about his chances ("No, I don't expect to win"). But the Hanania plan embodies the radicalism of the truly moderate, and deserves much more than cursory consideration.
Consider his proposal for one of the thorniest municipal quandaries in the West Bank. Jews who wish to live in Hebron in a future state of Palestine, should be allowed to do so, he writes, "and should be protected, just as non-Jews. In fact, for every Jewish individual seeking to live in Palestine, a Palestinian should be permitted to live in Israel."
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18. September 2009 - Trades Union Congress (TUC), Liverpool:

TUC backs off from Israel consumer boycott
Union leaders backed off from calling for a comprehensive boycott of consumer goods produced in Israel after frantic behind-the-scenes negotiations at the TUC Congress yesterday.
Instead, the TUC moved to support a boycott of goods from "illegal" Israeli settlements and called for an end to arms sales to Israel in protest at the military strikes on Gaza, in which 1,450 Palestinians were killed. The motion as originally proposed would have marked the first consumer boycott backed by trade unions since the days of apartheid in South Africa.
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17. September 2009 - Trades Union Congress (TUC), Liverpool:

Unions debate Israeli goods boycott in protest at military actions
Union leaders were locked in talks last night over whether to recommend to their delegates a boycott of all consumer goods produced in Israel.
Members of the TUC have condemned Israel’s military strikes on Gaza in January, which left 1,450 Palestinians dead and about 5,000 injured, and are due to vote on a motion today.
It would mark the first time that the trade union movement has boycotted goods since the apartheid regime in South Africa.
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15. Juli 2009 - Kuwait Times:

Major contractor tries to divest from Israel as boycott pressures increase
Heidelberg Cement, one of the world's leading producers in building materials, is attempting to sell off its Israeli subsidiary, Hanson Israel Ltd. The move comes in light of growing pressure to boycott Israeli products and businesses, particularly those that conduct business in Israeli settlements of the West Bank. Hanson Israel operates a quarry in the West Bank, and mines materials to produce aggregates (sand and gravel), concrete, and bricks, which are used for building. Their products are sold to contractors in both Israel and Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
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12. Juli 2009 - Jewish Peace News:

Naomi Klein and the Boycott Movement
Naomi Klein's recently completed visit to Israel had a galvanizing effect on the "boycott from within" movement here (, which has endorsed the Palestinian call for BDS ( Her public meetings, in Ramallah, East Jerusalem, Haifa, and Jaffa drew hundreds of people to hear her clear-eyed analysis of why it is time for a full boycott of Israel until the occupation ends, Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel have full and equal rights, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees is fully realized under international law.
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