7. Dezember 2011 - Asia Times, Kaveh L. Afrasiabi :

Bonn 0 + Iran

With empty chairs for both Pakistan and the Taliban, two major stakeholders in Afghanistan's future stability, the much-anticipated Bonn II conference in Germany might as well be called Bonn 0.

For sure the two-day conference that began on Monday and wrapped day one with a communique promising sustained international support for the war-ravaged, ethnically fragmented country that has been under foreign troop occupation for the past 10 years, was impressive in terms of the number of delegates (over 1,000) from some 110 nations and international organizations.                  

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30. September 2011 - Kontext TV:

Afghanistan: A Necessary War?

The broadcast is online in English and German versions:

With Malalai Joya, civil rights activist and former member of the Afghan parliament, Afghanistan
Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington D.C.

The broadcast has two parts:

1. Malalai Joya:
War crimes by US- and NATO-troops / Afghans live like in hell

2. Phyllis Bennis:
One billion dollars for war in spite of poverty and huge deficit in the US

6. Juli 2010 - Marjorie Cohn:

Losing in Afghaistan:

Last week, the House of Representatives voted 215-210 for $33 billion to fund Barack Obama’s troop increase in Afghanistan. But there was considerable opposition to giving the President a blank check. One hundred sixty-two House members supported an amendment that would have tied the funding to a withdrawal timetable. One hundred members voted for another amendment that would have rejected the $33 billion for the 30,000 new troops already on their way to Afghanistan; that amendment would have required that the money be spent to redeploy our troops out of Afghanistan. Democrats voting for the second amendment included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and nine Republicans. Both amendments failed to pass.

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25. Mai 2010 - The Guardian, Daniella Peled:

Afghans believe US is funding Taliban

Intellectuals and respected Afghan professionals are convinced the west is prolonging conflict to maintain influence in the region.

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24. März 2010 - Kontext-TV, Noam Chomsky:

"Contemporary society faces problems of fateful significance. There are many complexities and intricate factors, often poorly understood.  If there is to be any hope for serious approaches to tasks reaching literally as far as decent survival of the species, it is crucial that democratic processes function in a constructive way.  A prerequisite is that citizens have readily available to them accurate information, a rich variety of perspectives, and encouragement to think clearly and creatively.  In brief, they need independent media, free from the constraints imposed by concentrations of power and rigid ideological frameworks, both stimulating activist organizations and drawing from their experiences and ideas." 

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6. August 2009 - Rory Stewart:

Die unaufhaltsame Illusion

Dieser Krieg ist nicht zu gewinnen – alles andere ist eine Illusion – eine „unaufhaltsame“ Illusion der Politiker und hohen Militärs, wie Rory Stewart, ein ehemaliger britischer Offizier und Provinzverwalter im Irak, in einem längeren Aufsatz überzeugend darleg.

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