19. Januar 2018 - Haaretz, Zeev Sternhell:

In Israel, Growing Fascism and a Racism Akin to Early Nazism

They don’t wish to physically harm Palestinians. They only wish to deprive them of their basic human rights, such as self-rule in their own state and freedom from oppression
[ mehr (gegen Bezahlung) ] [ in Le Monde (gegen Bezahlung) ]

[ Übersetzung ins Deutsche ]

23. Oktober 2017 - UN-Vollversammlung, S. Michael Lynk:

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967
[ A/72/43106 in Englisch ( DOCX ) ]
Bericht des Sonderberichterstatters über die Lage der  Menschenrechte in den seit 1967 besetzten palästinensischen  Gebieten
[ Übersetzung: Götz Schindler, Elke und Herbert Diekmann, Bärbel und Hans-Peter Faro, Ulrike Kunert ]

30. August 2017 - Ha'aretz, Gideon Levy:

Israel's Minister of Truth

Israel Justice Minister Shaked said the truth loud and clear: Zionism contradicts human rights, and thus is indeed an ultranationalist, colonialist and perhaps racist movement
Thank you, Ayelet Shaked, for telling the truth. Thank you for speaking honestly. The justice minister has proved once again that Israel’s extreme right is better than the deceivers of the center-left: It speaks honestly.
If in 1975, Chaim Herzog dramatically tore up a copy of UN General Assembly Resolution 3379, equating Zionism with racism, the justice minister has now admitted the truthfulness of the resolution (which was later revoked). Shaked said, loud and clear: Zionism contradicts human rights, and thus is indeed an ultranationalist, colonialist and perhaps even racist movement, as proponents of justice worldwide maintain.
Shaked prefers Zionism to human rights, the ultimate universal justice. She believes that we have a different kind of justice, superior to universal justice. Zionism above all. It’s been said before, in other languages and other nationalist movements.
Had Shaked not pitted these two principles against each other, we would have continued to believe what has been drilled into us since childhood: Zionism is a just, morally unflawed movement. It sanctifies equality and justice: Just look at our Declaration of Independence. We memorized “the only democracy in the Middle East,” “a land without a people for a people without a land,” “everyone is equal in the Jewish state”; we learned about the Arab Supreme Court justice and the Druze cabinet minister. What more could we ask? It’s so just, so equal, you could cry.
If this were all true, Shaked would have no reason to come to the defense of Zionism in the face of human rights. For Shaked and the right, the debate on human and civil rights is anti-Zionist, even anti-Semitic. It seeks to undermine and destroy the Jewish state.
[ mehr (gegen die Bezahlung, die der Artikel wert ist) ]

30. Juni 2017 - Ha'aretz, Hagai El-Ad:

The Cover-up Theater of the Occupation

After 50 years, one of the occupation's new innovations is doing things out in the open Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked recently declared that Breaking the Silence’s spokesperson was either a liar or a criminal. If he falsely confessed to beating a Palestinian, he’s a liar. If he spoke the truth, then he’s a criminal. However, Shaked elegantly neglected to raise a third option, which is the heart of the matter – that she and the other leaders of Israel’s justice system are either liars or criminals.
Indeed, when Shaked declares that the Israeli army investigates and handles “cases of violence,” she is not speaking the truth. The minister didn’t invent anything new in this regard. The military justice system, from the criminal investigation department through the military advocate general to the military courts, routinely waters down and covers up cases of injury, abuse and killing of thousands of Palestinians. That is how it’s been since the beginning of the occupation, how it’s been during the tenure of the current justice minister, and how it will probably be in the future. The army spokesperson waves around the few exceptions to this rule to lend credibility to this sophisticated system of cover-up.
However, the force of the lie – and the force of the crime – go much deeper. The Israeli justice system doesn’t see a problem with most of the reasons why Palestinians living under Israeli control are subjected to violence, dispossession and abuse. As far as generations of Supreme Court judges, justice ministers, attorneys general and military advocates general are concerned, the nature of Israeli policy – which embodies organized state violence that is wielded openly against Palestinians – is completely normative.
[ mehr (gegen Bezahlung) ]

26. Juni 2017 - ECCAP:

Prominent Legal Experts Confirm Israel’s Record of Torture Makes EU-Funding of "LAW TRAIN" Illegal
To coincide with the International Day Against Torture, twenty-five prominent legal experts released a document demonstrating that the European Union-funded project LAW TRAIN breaches EU regulations and international law concerning human rights violations, and therefore must be stopped.
[ mehr ] [ Stellungnahme ]

23. Februar 2017 - Ha'aretz, Gideon Levy:

Welcome to Israel's Military Court, the Best Show in Town

There's nothing more Israeli than this court that gives a soldier, who killed a Palestinian in cold blood, a sentence fit for a bicycle thief.
More national than Habima Theater, more popular than the popular theater of the late Avraham Deshe (Pashanel), more representative than the Knesset and more indicative than the polls — let’s welcome the Israel Defense Forces Theater, sitting as a military court. It’s the most authentic reflection of society, the country’s real High Court of Justice.
It’s an epic production with dozens of extras; the reviews are flattering, and the audience goes wild. The costumes (IDF uniforms) are nothing special, and neither are the scenery, lighting and makeup – “absentee” property in Jaffa or a barracks in the Kirya (army headquarters), neon lights and metal benches. But the play is excellent – current and relevant, representative and indicative – and the ending is always predictable.
There’s nothing more Israeli than this court, and nothing more authentic than its sentence in the case of soldier Elor Azaria. Once again, we have the cloak of self-righteousness, once again the deceit, once again the façade of due process, with a defense, a prosecution and summations. Once again, it’s the best show in town, and once again, the crying injustice is present without our feeling it, just the way Israelis like it.
What Israelis like most is to eat their cake and have it, too, and who knows better than the military court how to supply the goods? A rousing verdict about “the value of the sanctity of life,” and a sentence fit for a bicycle thief.
[ mehr (gegen Bezahlung) ]

2. Februar 2017 - Ha'aretz, Amira Hass:

How to Expel: Advice to Trump From an Israeli

Eight ways the new president can make Mexicans and Muslims experience what Palestinians do.
Barely a week has passed and you’ve screwed things up, Donald Trump. The reason is simple: You didn’t consult Israel on how to deny entry into your country without rousing half the world against you. But when it comes to your other promise – actual expulsion – you still have time to consult us.
For a lack of patience and space only two types of expulsion will be discussed here – two of the many types we’ve become experts at: the expulsion of native Palestinian Jerusalemites from their city, and the expulsion of West Bank residents from their homes.
Rule 1: Quiet
Rule 2: Astonishment
Rule 3: Gradualism
Rule 4. Legal support (A)
Rule 5. Variety
Rule 6. Legal support (B)
Rule 7. Scant water supply
Rule 8. The support of the elites
[ vollständiger Artikel (gegen Bezahlung) ]

24.01.2017 - Ha'aretz, Chaim Levinson:

Torture, Israeli-style - as Described by the Interrogators Themselves

Slaps were the first method that N. listed. He said the force used is moderate, but the goal is to hurt sensitive organs like the nose, ears, brow and lips.
For years, the Israeli establishment has tried to conceal what happens in interrogation rooms. When interrogators use torture – or “special means,” to use the establishment’s term – the concealment efforts are redoubled. Even when testimony of torture reaches the public, the system does everything it can to leave the interrogators’ role in darkness, including signing lenient plea bargains with suspects who were tortured to ensure that the conspiracy of silence remains unbroken.
[ mehr (gegen Bezahlung) ]

14. Dezember 2016 - Ha'aretz, Aluv Bar-Ali:

Israeli Plan Proposes Supplying Palestinians Less Water Than Allocated to Settlers

Minister Yuval Steinitz rejects 'unacceptable' water plan that proposes giving West Bank Palestinians 65 cubic meters per person by 2050, about 40% less than allocated per capita to residents of settlements.
[ mehr ]

14. Oktober 2016 - Miko Peled:

20 years since the Qana massacre and Naftali Benet is Education Minister

Naftali Bennet, Israel’s minister of education was the first public official to come out in support of Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier who executed Abdel Fatah Alsharif as he lay wounded in Hebron. Bennet was critical of the government of which he is a member for not standing up for the soldier. I was listening to the interview with Bennet on Israeli television where he made the argument that the government and the press judged the soldier harshly and prematurely. Then he said something I never thought I’d hear.
[ vollständiger Artikel ]

11. April 2016 - Human Rights Watch:

Israeli Police Abusing Detained Children
Israeli security forces are abusing Palestinian children detained in the West Bank. The number of Palestinian children arrested by Israeli forces has more than doubled since October 2015.
Interviews with children who have been detained, video footage, and reports from lawyers reveal that Israeli security forces are using unnecessary force in arresting and detaining children, in some cases beating them, and holding them in unsafe and abusive conditions.
[ mehr ]

30. Oktober 2015 - MondoWeiss, Annie Robbins:

Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp,
‘We will gas you until you die’

A shocking video has emerged recording a loud verbal threat from the Israeli military to residents of Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem. As a military jeep rolls down an empty quiet street a threatening voice comes over the loudspeaker “You throw stones and we will hit you with gas until you die.” The words spoken seems almost unfathomable.
Video [ mehr ]

5. September 2015 - Ha'aretz:

Nuclear Spy Vanunu:
State Is Punishing Me Because I'm of Moroccan Descent

In a Channel 2 interview, Vanunu calls on state to allow him to leave country, saying, 'If I was an Ashkenazi from the kibbutz I would have been treated right.'
[ vollständiger Artikel ]

20. Juli 2015 - United Nations, Economic and Social Council:

Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation on the living conditions of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan

[ Resolution E /2015/L.22 ]

18. Juli 2015 - Crazy Country, Adam Keller:

Life and Death
Sharon Gal is the latest among the long string of Israeli journalists who moved over to a political career. Immediately upon being elected to the Knesset he found a convenient hobby horse to ride – the call for introducing the death penalty for Palestinians "terrorists". At the same time as tabling a bill to that effect, Gal also placed on Facebook a selfie photo of himself holding a sign reading "I, too, am in favor of Death to Terrorists" and called on others to join in – and indeed, quite a few others posted similar photos of themselves, among them young children. Former Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin, who failed to gain election to the current Knesset, won a precious minute of media attention by declaring himself a volunteer hangman, ready and willing to perform executions with his own hands.
[ vollständiger Artikel ]

25. Juni 2014 - Ha'aretz, Gideon Levy:

The world is sick of Israel and its insanities

Israel is discovering that it’s no longer the center of attention as it always was before.

What a cruel world: Three yeshiva students were kidnapped, and the world isn’t interested; three mothers are crying out, and the world doesn’t answer. Is it all because the entire world is against us; it’s anti-Semitic and hates Israel? The Anti-Defamation League is already preparing a report.
But the truth is, that’s just the way things are: When you openly thumb your nose at the world for years on end, eventually, it thumbs its nose back.

[ vollständiger Artikel (gegen Bezahlung) ] [ alternativ ]

16. Juni 2015 - Ha'aretz:

A License to Kill

The solution for police incompetence in dealing with farm theft or burglary of elderly people's homes cannot be found in handing over their authority to the citizen.

[ vollständiger Artikel ]

12. März 2015 - Ludwig Watzal:

Avigdor Lieberman, ISIS, and the Saudi Regime

What have Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, ISIS and the Saudi regime in common? The two last ones have been beheading people on a daily basis. Avigdor Lieberman, "the Jewish Islamic State", as Ahmad Tibi, a Member of the Israeli Knesset, calls him, has invoked the beheading of Israeli Palestinians in a speech at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center.

[ vollständiger Artikel ]

17. Mai 2014 - Los Angeles Times, Saree Makdisi:

Does the term 'apartheid' fit Israel?
Of course it does.

[ vollsständiger Artikel ] [ alternativ ]

16. Mai 2014 - Ha'aretz, Ravit Hecht:

A Knesset member whose irresponsible violence
belies her appearance

Ayelet Shaked is gradually finding her place in the pantheon of the extreme right that has taken over the country.

[ vollständiger Artikel (für Abonnenten) ]

10. April 2014 - Jewish Voice for Peace:

Rabbis: A Passover message to our Presbyterian friends
A Passover message from members of the JVP Rabbinical Council about realities for Jerusalemites, and HP's role in limiting freedom of movement for Palestinians.
[ Video-Aufruf ]

12. Dezember 2013 - Jewish Voice for Peace, Sidney Levy:


The Prawer Plan has been cancelled by the Israeli Knesset!

[ vollständiger Artikel ]

9. Dezember 2013 - Ha'aretz, Amira Hass:

What does 'Israeli Apartheid' mean, anyway?

The meticulous sub-division of people in Israel is guided by a principle of inequality that benefits the ruling class.

[ vollständiger Artikel ]

1. Oktober 2013 - Amnesty International:

Israel: Blind to violations, deaf to obligations:

Israel's human rights record:
Amnesty International updated submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review, September 2013

[ volständiger Bericht (HTML oder PDF) ] [ Übersetzung ins Deutsche ]

20. September 2013 - Ha'aretz, Reuters und Gili Cohen:

European diplomats:

Israeli army manhandled us, seized Palestinian aid

IDF says it was blocking an attempt to pitch tents at site of a West Bank village demolished earlier this week, and that Palestinians attacked soldiers.

[ vollständiger Bericht ]

Free access for 10 stories a month:
09.09.2013: A lesson in cowardice at the IDF's firing zone 918
02.09.2013: The excuses Israel comes up with to destroy Palestinian villages

9. Juli 2013 - Ha'aretz, Revital Hovel:

The Hague weighs criminal probe of Israel over 2010 Marmara raid

The International Criminal Court has never before considered opening an investigation against Israel. Since its establishment in 2002, the ICC has dealt only with cases involving hundreds or thousands of victims.

The president of the International Criminal Court, Song Sang-Hyun, appointed a three-judge panel this week to consider preliminary procedural hurdles to opening a criminal investigation against Israel.

[ vollständiger Bericht ]

14.05.2013: Anzeige

2013 - Katie Miranda:

16. Juni 2013 - Haaretz, Gideon Levy:

The underlying burden of Israeli soldiers and their dogs

Setting dogs on human beings is more cruel, if less deadly, than firing bullets at them. When Israeli soldiers did this, it should have shocked the public, it should have shrieked to the heavens.

[ Artikel (gegen Bezahlung) ]

27. Mai 2013 - Ludwig Watzal:

Torture and Human Rights violations
in Israel and Palestine

Torture allegations against the treatment of Palestinians detainees in Israeli prisons make headlines again. Few days after his arrest, Arafat Jaradat died in Israeli custody. On 27 February 2013, the United Nations Special Rapporteur for human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Richard Falk, called for an international investigation on the death of Palestinian prisoner Jaradat while undergoing interrogation in an Israeli facility. Falk stressed that “the death of a prisoner during interrogation is always a cause for concern, but in this case, when Israel has shown a pattern and practice of prisoner abuse, the need for outside, credible investigation is more urgent than ever. The best approach might be the creation of an international forensic team under the auspices of the UN Human Rights Council.”

[ vollständiger Artikel ]

Ende Januar 2013 - Society of St. Yves:

The Society of St. Yves is the Catholic Center for Human Rights of the Latin Patriarchate in the Holy Land. It provides legal aid to the needy, oppressed and marginalized and tries to raise the awareness of human and civil rights in the society. The Society of St. Yves believes that every human being is created in the image of God and the dignity and rights of everybody are God given.

[ Worum geht es? ]
[ Petition to save the valley in Cremisan: Support bridges, not walls! ]

27. Januar 2013 - Ha'aretz, Talila Nesher:

Israel admits Ethiopian women
were given birth control shots

Health Ministry director general instructs all gynecologists in Israel's four health maintenance organizations not to inject women with long-acting contraceptive Depo-Provera if they do not understand ramifications of treatment.
[ vollständiger Artikel (gegen Bezahlung) ]

17. Mai 2012 - Ha'aretz, Roni Schocken:

Chilling effect of the Nakba Law on Israel's human rights

The court ignored the infringement of free speech stemming from the very existence of the law, as opposed to one stemming from the law's application.

[ vollständiger Artikel ]

2. Mai 2012 - Ha'aretz:

U.S. pressing UN Human Rights Commissioner
to put off West Bank settlements probe

Israeli Foreign Ministry officials believe the aim of Obama administration pressure is to postpone the probe until at least after the presidential elections in November.

[ vollständiger Bericht ]

30. April 2012 - Ha'aretz:

Israel joins UN list of states limiting human rights organizations

UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay lists Israel along with countries such as Belarus, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Ethiopia and Venezuela.

[ vollständiger Bericht ]

19. April 2012 - Europ. Coord. of Committees and Associations for Pal.:

Ask your MEPs to reject the new EU-Israel agreement

Hintergrundinformation ] ][ deutsche Petition ]

20. März 2012 - Society of St. Yves:

Thirsting for Justice:
Stop the demolition of Rain Collecting Cisterns
in Area C of the West Bank

[ Petition an The High Court of Justice, Israel ]

9. März 2012 - Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination:

Consideration of reports submitted by States parties under article 9 of the Convention

Concluding observations of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: Israel

[ CERD/C/ISR/CO/14-16 ]

9. Dezember 2011 - Haaretz, Amira Hass:

In Israel, 'fascist' is not a rude word

The silence of Yad Vashem and other Holocaust memorial institutes to the recent rash of anti-democratic legislation is deafening. 

[ vollständiger Artikel ]

9. Dezember 2011 - Ha'aretz, Ofra Edelman:

Veteran Israeli activist warns against 'neo-fascist' legislation

Uri Avnery, whose Haolam Hazeh magazine was the target of past anti-libel legislation, says the current 'anti-democratic' wave of bills will affect all levels of society, and the media aren't doing much to help the situation

[ vollständiger Artikel ] [ in Deutsch

11. Mai 2011 - Haaretz, Amira Hass:

The unbearable Israeli lightness of arresting Palestinians

A senior IDF officer signed an administrative detention order full of mistakes in its contents and with many whiteout erasures. Is an arrest without trial for six months such a trivial matter that it doesn’t require checking of the details?
[ vollständiger Artikel ]

7. Mai 2011 - Haaretz:

Nuclear whistle-blower Vanunu

requests revocation of citizenship 

Mordechai Vanunu sends letter to Interior Minister Eli Yishai asking for his citizenship to be stripped based on new Citizenship Revocation Law.

[ vollständiger Bericht ]

24. Mai 2010 - Haaretz:

500 academics, students sign letter protesting Israel's refusal to grant Noam Chomsky entry

The letter reads: Under democracy, we do not silence voices that express an opinion which is different than the dominant one.

500 academics, students, and intellectuals have signed a letter addressed to Interior Minister Eli Yishai, protesting the Ministry's decision to refuse entry to linguist Noam Chomsky into and the West Bank last week.

[ vollständiger Bericht ]

16. Mai 2010 - Haaretz, Amira Hass:

Noam Chomsky denied entry into Israel and West Bank

Interior Ministry seeking IDF approval to let American professor just into West Bank; rights group: Decision characteristic of totalitarian regime.

[ vollständiger Bericht ]

14. Mai 2010 - Haaretz, Yuval Azoulay:

Israel refuses re-entry to 5 Druze who made condolence call in Syria

Golan Heights residents stuck in Syria for more than six weeks after visiting family members in Suwara.

[ vollständiger Bericht ]

11. April 2010 - Haaretz, Amira Hass:

IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank

A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.

When the order comes into effect, tens of thousands of Palestinians will automatically become criminal offenders liable to be severely punished.

Given the security authorities' actions over the past decade, the first Palestinians likely to be targeted under the new rules will be those whose ID cards bear home addresses in the Gaza Strip - people born in Gaza and their West Bank-born children - or those born in the West Bank or abroad who for various reasons lost their residency status. Also likely to be targeted are foreign-born spouses of Palestinians.

[ vollständiger Artikel ]

8. September 2009 - Alternet, Jonathan Cook:

Israeli Government Ads Warn Against Marrying Non-Jews 

The Israeli government has launched a television and Internet advertising campaign urging Israelis to inform on Jewish friends and relatives abroad who may be in danger of marrying non-Jews.

The advertisements, employing what the Israeli media described as "scare tactics," are designed to stop assimilation through intermarriage among young Diaspora Jews by encouraging their move to Israel. 

[ vollständiger Beitrag ]

13. Juli 2009 - Ha'aretz, Amira Hass:

Israeli Jewish worldview sanctifies West Bank inequality

The Jahalin tribe sends happy tidings from the West Bank to their brethren in Gaza: The effects of the Israeli siege can be overcome by building homes from used tires filled and covered with mud. This way refuse can be recycled, construction costs minimized and structures insulated from the cold and heat, something concrete buildings cannot do.

In one of the Jahalin encampments in the West Bank's Wadi Qelt region, they're building a school and kindergarten from used tires. This ignites the imagination - turning rubbish into treasure. Since their expulsion from the Negev in 1948, the Jahalin tribe has lived on privately-owned land leased from neighboring Palestinian villages. This was long before expanding settlements repeatedly encroached on their property and military edicts denied them the chance to wander with their flocks in accordance with the seasons and available water sources.

[ vollständiger Artikel ]

9. Juni 2009 - Human Sciences Research Council:

South African study: 

Israel practicing apartheid and colonialism

The Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa (HSRC) has released a report confirming that Israel is practicing both colonialism and apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

The HSRC commissioned an international team of scholars and practitioners of international public law from South Africa, the United Kingdom, Israel and the West Bank to conduct this study. The resulting 300-page report, titled "Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid?: A re-assessment of Israel's practices in the occupied Palestinian territories under international law," represents 15 months of research and constitutes an exhaustive review of Israel's practices in the OPT according to definitions of colonialism and apartheid provided by international law. The project was suggested originally by the January 2007 report by eminent South African jurist John Dugard, in his capacity as Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Human Rights Council, when he indicated that Israeli practices had assumed characteristics of colonialism and apartheid.

vollständiger Artikel ] [ vollständige Studie (PDF, 3 MB) ] 

Februar 2009 - World Bank:

Middle East and North Africa Region:
West Bank and Gaza

Assessment of Restrictions on Palestinian Water Sector Development

[ Main Report (PDF, 142 Seiten) ]

[ andere Veröffentlichungen zu Palästina ]

8. Januar 2009 - Naomi Klein:

Boycott, Divest, Sanction

It's time. Long past time. The best strategy to end the increasingly bloody occupation is for Israel to become the target of the kind of global movement that put an end to apartheid in South Africa.

[ vollständiger Artikel bei The Nation ] [ bei Naomi Klein ]

8. Juli 2006 - International Middle East Media Center, James Bowen:_

Irish Examiner, 8 July 2006, page 15

Hafrada is the Zionist form of Apartheid

Most supporters of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) are Irish, but our ranks include both Israeli Jews and Palestinians living in Israel. Contrary to Steven King's allegations in this paper on Wednesday, what inspires and unites us is the goal of universal human rights. We seek a future in which all those who have the right to reside between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea will enjoy that right in justice and peace. Unfortunately, the Israeli government thinks that the indigenous Palestinians should have less entitlement in their homeland than Jewish Israelis who have made their homes in Palestine since the arrival of the first Zionist settlers in 1882. The IPSC thinks that both ethnic groups should enjoy all rights stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We have no view on the future organization of the territory. That may be two states, a federal state or a unitary state. The decision on political structures should be made by all, Palestinian or Israeli, with a legitimate interest.

[ vollständiger Artikel ] [ alternativ ]

4. Dezember 1948 - New York Times:

New Palestine Party.
Visit of Menachen Begin and Aims of Political Movement Discussed.
A letter to The New York Times.

by Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Sidney Hook,

Text from original microfilm ]