24. Juli 2017 - Haaretz, Amira Hass:

Israel's Border Police: Winner of the Cruelty Competition

Perhaps more appalling than the sight of the police pointing their rifles at worshippers and sneering is their vanishing humanity
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23. Juli 2017 - Haaretz, Nir Hasson:

Israeli Decision Makers Once Again Ignored the Warnings of Bloodshed

Israel is trapped on the Temple Mount inside an iron pillory, whose only key is a comprehensive political change.
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30. Juni 2017 - Ha'aretz, Hagai El-Ad:

The Cover-up Theater of the Occupation

After 50 years, one of the occupation's new innovations is doing things out in the open Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked recently declared that Breaking the Silence’s spokesperson was either a liar or a criminal. If he falsely confessed to beating a Palestinian, he’s a liar. If he spoke the truth, then he’s a criminal. However, Shaked elegantly neglected to raise a third option, which is the heart of the matter – that she and the other leaders of Israel’s justice system are either liars or criminals.
Indeed, when Shaked declares that the Israeli army investigates and handles “cases of violence,” she is not speaking the truth. The minister didn’t invent anything new in this regard. The military justice system, from the criminal investigation department through the military advocate general to the military courts, routinely waters down and covers up cases of injury, abuse and killing of thousands of Palestinians. That is how it’s been since the beginning of the occupation, how it’s been during the tenure of the current justice minister, and how it will probably be in the future. The army spokesperson waves around the few exceptions to this rule to lend credibility to this sophisticated system of cover-up.
However, the force of the lie – and the force of the crime – go much deeper. The Israeli justice system doesn’t see a problem with most of the reasons why Palestinians living under Israeli control are subjected to violence, dispossession and abuse. As far as generations of Supreme Court judges, justice ministers, attorneys general and military advocates general are concerned, the nature of Israeli policy – which embodies organized state violence that is wielded openly against Palestinians – is completely normative.
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26. Juni 2017 - Ha'aretz:

There is no lack of evidence of the anti-Palestinian activities of Jewish lawbreakers who are residents of the settlements
The impotence of the State of Israel in the face of the Jewish lawbreakers in the territories has been revealed once again. An investigation by Haaretz found that since April at least nine incidents were documented in which settlers threw stones, and harmed Palestinians, soldiers, and left-wing activists in other ways. Although the incidents were documented or took place in the presence of soldiers, very few suspects were detained, and even those who were detained were quickly released. Needless to say, none of the lawbreakers was prosecuted (Yotam Berger, Haaretz, June 25).
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12. Juni 2017 - Miko Peled:

Why Israelis must disrupt the occupation

One of the most disturbing aspects about the reality in Palestine is its normalcy.
It has become normal to see Palestinians shot and killed, even children. The faces of young Palestinians showing up daily on social media, boys and girls shot by soldiers, accused falsely of attempting to stab a soldier.
It has become normal to see Israeli soldiers shooting skunk water and tear gas, and snipers using live ammunition at unarmed protesters who want the land that was once theirs and the freedom they never had.
And it has become normal for us to engage in the endless, fruitless debate on whether Palestinians throwing stones at armed Israeli soldiers who invade their homes constitutes violence, or whether or not Zionism – which produced this violence – is a racist ideology. And all the while the suffering and the oppression of millions of Palestinians go on almost uninterrupted.
It is no secret that Israelis and Palestinians live two separate realities.
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9. Juni 2017 - The New Yorker, Yousef Munayyer:

Reframing the 1967 War

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, presumably for what it depicts, but what is the value of what a picture doesn’t show? To some, it is nothing; for others, it is everything.
For Israelis and, indeed, much of the Western world, one photograph from the conflict, which Israelis call the Six-Day War, is the most remembered, and immediately recognizable: David Rubinger’s iconic image of three Israeli paratroopers standing next to the Western Wall. In the image, the three soldiers stare up, almost beyond the Wall, as if envisioning what was yet to come after this moment. The image fits squarely within the Zionist narrative, heralding reclamation, triumph, and hope.
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22. Juni 2016 - Ha'aretz, AMira Hass:

Israel Incapable of Telling Truth About Water It Steals From Palestinians
Water is the only issue in which Israel (still) finds it difficult to defend its discriminatory, oppressive and destructive policy with pretexts of security and God.
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15. November 2015 - American Herald Tribune, Miko Peled:

EU labeling goods from Israeli "settlements,"
A small step in the wrong direction

The European Union recently began enforcing a new law that requires Israeli products that originate in settlements in the West Bank and the Golan Heights to be labeled as such and include the word “Settlement” on the label. An article in the Israeli daily Ha’artez mentioned that there is concern among Israeli farmers who do not live in those territories that this will hurt them as well because shoppers might not know the difference and end up boycotting all products that are made in Israel.
The EU attempt to punish Israel by labeling products made in “Occupied Territories” is a good thing, but typical of the EU – it is going in the wrong direction. It is in fact only giving legitimacy to the claim that occupied Palestine is limited to the West Bank and the Gaza strip. That somehow the occupied territories are limited to these areas. One has to wonder then, what about the rest of Palestine?
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30. Oktober 2015 - MondoWeiss, Annie Robbins:

Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp,
‘We will gas you until you die’

A shocking video has emerged recording a loud verbal threat from the Israeli military to residents of Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem. As a military jeep rolls down an empty quiet street a threatening voice comes over the loudspeaker “You throw stones and we will hit you with gas until you die.” The words spoken seems almost unfathomable.
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29. Oktober 2015 - Ha'aretz, Carlo Strenger:

The Simple Truth About the Occupation
Yeshayahu Leibowitz got it right even before 1967 when he warned that Israel was heading down a dangerous moral slope.
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11. Oktober 2015 - The Guardian, Marwan Bargouthi:

There will be no peace until Israel’s occupation of Palestine ends
The current escalation in violence did not start with the killing of two Israeli settlers, it started a long while ago and has been going on for years. Every day Palestinians are killed, wounded, arrested. Every day colonialism advances, the siege on our people in Gaza continues, oppression persists. As many today want us to be overwhelmed by the potential consequences of a new spiral of violence, I will plead, as I did in 2002, to deal with its root causes: the denial of Palestinian freedom.
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Marwan Bargouthi befindet sich seit 2002 in israelischer Militärhaft,
von manchen wird er als palästinensischer Nelson Mandela bezeichnet.

9. Oktober 2015 - Ha'aretz, Gideon Levy:

Even Gandhi Would Understand the Palestinians' Violence
The injustice can go on for many more years. Why? Because Israel is stronger than ever and the West is letting it run wild.
Through the haze of self-righteousness, media propaganda, incitement, distraction, brainwashing and victimhood of the past few days, the simple question returns in full force: Who’s right?
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9. Oktober 2015 - +972, Noam Sheizaf:

Israel still holds all the cards
The relative quiet on the ground in recent years, enforced by the Palestinian Authority on Israel’s behalf, led Israelis to believe they can enjoy peace and prosperity without ending the occupation.
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7. Oktober 2015 - Ha'aretz, Amira Hass:

Palestinians Are Fighting for Their Lives;
Israel Is Fighting for the Occupation

That we notice there’s a war on only when Jews are murdered does not cancel out the fact that Palestinians are being killed all the time.
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September / Oktober 2015 - AidWatch, Shir Hever / Richard Falk:

How Much International Aid to Palestinians Ends Up in the Israeli Economy?

Palestinian Aid Subverted and Diverted to the Israeli Economy:
Why Donors Should Care

Shir Hever's Research Article:
    How Much International Aid to Palestinians Ends Up in the Israeli Economy? 
A commentary by Richard Falk on the legal and human rights implications of
    Shir Hever’s analysis of Palestinian aid that ends up in the Israeli economy
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September 2015 - UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs occupied Palestinian Territory:

Demolition orders in Area C of the West Bank

Report (PDF, 15 Seiten in Englisch) ] [ Arabisch und Hebräisch ]

25. Januar 2014 - The Washington Post, Vijay Prashad:

Understanding the boycott of Israel’s universities
The growing movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israeli universities has struck a chord in Israel. Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said recently that the boycott campaign, which drew new attention when it was joined last month by the American Studies Association (ASA) , “is moving and advancing uniformly and exponentially.” If Israel does not respond, Livni said, it will turn itself into “a lone settlement in the world.”
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16. Oktober 2013 - Ha'aretz, Editorial:

Occupation by trickery
The government should reject a proposal meant to obscure what little transparency remains in the process of establishing settlements.
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2. Dezember 2013 - International Committee of the Red Cross, P. Maurer:

Challenges to international humanitarian law:
Israel’s occupation policy
International Review of the Red Cross, No. 888

In this article, the ICRC's President Peter Maurer presents the ICRC's view on Israeli policies and practices regarding certain key issues related to the occupation, deriving from Israel's obligations under occupation law, namely the annexation of East Jerusalem, the routing of the West Bank Barrier and the building of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
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16. Juli 2013 - Delegation der Europäischen Union:

Statement by the Delegation of the European Union
to the State of Israel on the European Commission Notice

On June 30 European Commission adopted a Notice containing guidelines on the eligibility of Israeli entities and their activities in the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 for grants, prizes and financial instruments funded by the EU from 2014 onwards. These guidelines set out the territorial limitations under which the Commission will award EU support to Israeli entities.
These guidelines were prepared as a follow up to the political decision taken by the foreign ministers of the EU Member States at the EU Foreign Affairs Council of 10 December 2012. This stated that, "all agreements between the State of Israel and the EU must unequivocally and explicitly indicate their inapplicability to the territories occupied by Israel in 1967."
The guidelines are also in conformity with the EU's longstanding position that Israeli settlements are illegal under international law and with the non-recognition by the EU of Israel's sovereignty over the occupied territories, irrespective of their legal status under domestic Israeli law.
At the moment Israeli entities enjoy financial support and cooperation with the EU and these guidelines are designed to ensure that this remains the case. At the same time concern has been expressed in Europe that Israeli entities in the occupied territories could benefit from EU support.
The purpose of these guidelines is to make a distinction between the State of Israel and the occupied territories when it comes to EU support.
The European External Action Service has informed the Israeli Mission to the EU prior to the publication of the notice and has invited the Israeli side to hold discussions on the agreements which are in preparation.
[ EEAS Website ]
19.07.2013, Catherine Ashton: Statements
19.07.2013: Guidelines
in Deutsch
Frequently Asked Questions on Guidelines

21. Dezember 2011 - Press-TV:

UNSC nations rap Israeli settlements
Several members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) have lashed out at Israel's increased settlement construction in the Palestinian territories and escalating Jewish settler attacks on Palestinians.
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Mai 2007 - Clemens Messerschmidt:

Hegemony & Counter-Hegemony over Shared Aquifiers
The Palestinian Experience

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