8. Juni 2010 - Noam Chomsky:

Speech at the Riverside Church of New York, sponsored by IFCO-Pastors For Peace and The Riverside Church Social Justice Ministries.

US role in Haiti destruction

Noam Chomsky shares his insights regarding the ongoing problems confronting the beleaguered nation of Haiti, particularly the US role minimizing and undermining their economic development, resulting in horrendous destruction and loss of at least 300,000 lives from the recent earthquake. A lively Q and A session follows the talk.

[ Vortrag und Diskussion (ca. 1h30) ]

9. März 2004 - Noam Chomsky:


Those who have any concern for Haiti will naturally want to understand how its most recent tragedy has been unfolding. And for those who have had the privilege of any contact with the people of this tortured land, it is not just natural but inescapable. Nevertheless, we make a serious error if we focus too narrowly on the events of the recent past, or even on Haiti alone. The crucial issue for us is what we should be doing about what is taking place. That would be true even if our options and our responsibility were limited; far more so when they are immense and decisive, as in the case of Haiti . And even more so because the course of the terrible story was predictable years ago -- if we failed to act to prevent it. And fail we did. The lessons are clear, and so important that they would be the topic of daily front-page articles in a free press.

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