Stop the selling of the world! Organize the protest against privatisation of rivers and lakes in Turkey

The Turkish government intends to privatise their water sources throughout the whole country in 2009. Rights of water use will be sold to international corporations for up to 49 years – amongst others Siemens seems to be in on it. The reason behind this is to build and run power plants which are marketed as tackling climate change.

As if the commercialisation of public water works and their sale to private companies, that we already know, weren’t enough, now it is about the water sources themselves – about capitalist control over rivers, shores, lakes and other sources.

At a networking gathering against water privatization (aquattac) at the European Summer University (ESU), Prof. Dr. Kenan Demirkol from Istanbul spoke about these monstrous plans. He is involved in an alliance which concentrates the protest against the selling off of the Turkish water. Within it, unions, professional associations, left parties, the Turkish social forum and NGOs like “su politic” work together. The idea to launch an attac-project to support resistance first arose at the ESU.

It is hoped that a strong protest movement will come from Germany (and other European countries), particularly by migrants originating from Turkey who not only have influence on the reputation of Turkey abroad but also are of vital economic importance through the financial transactions to their home country.

Furthermore, we want to scandalize the policy of the water companies and of the anti-democratic “water forum” (which will be held around March 20 2009 in Istanbul) and highlight the role of the EU and the Worldbank.

What is planned in Turkey concerns us all.

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