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10. Mai 2014 - Russia today, Nadezhda Kevorkova:

Iraq and the US model for conquered territories
The road to Baghdad Airport is the best illustration of what the United States build as they conquer one country after another.
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8. Oktober 2008 - The Nation, Dilip Hiro:

How Bush's Iraqi Oil Grab Went Awry

Here is the sentence in The Age of Turbulence, the 531-page memoir of former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan, that caused so much turbulence in Washington last week: "I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil." Honest and accurate, it had the resonance of the Bill Clinton's election campaign mantra, "It's the economy, stupid." But, finding himself the target of a White House attack--an Administration spokesman labeled his comment, "Georgetown cocktail party analysis"--Greenspan backtracked under cover of verbose elaboration. None of this, however, made an iota of difference to the facts on the ground.

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12. September 2010 - Marjorie Cohn:

Business as Usual in Iraq

Last week, President Obama ceremoniously announced that U.S. combat operations had ended in Iraq. As Democrats face an uphill battle in the upcoming midterm elections, Obama felt he had to make good on his campaign promise to move the fighting from Iraq to Afghanistan. But while he has escalated the killing in Afghanistan, it’s business as usual in Iraq.

The United States, with its huge embassy in Baghdad and five large bases throughout Iraq, will continue to pull the strings there. Last week, Vice President Biden delivered a power-sharing plan to the Iraqis, who have been unable to form a government in the six months since the March election resulted in a stalemate. “We think that’s better for the future of Iraq,” Biden declared. The New York Times speculated about whether “the Americans can close the deal.” But the United States will continue to do a lot more than simply make suggestions about how Iraqis should share political power.

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2. Juli 2008: AlterNet

War on Iraq

Bringing Ireland to Baghdad:

How the Resistance Will Eventually Kick the Americans Out

One thing the United States doesn't get about guerrilla warfare: It's not over until the guerrillas win.

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19. April 2008 - McClatchy Newspapers, Raviya H. Ismail:

Sadr threatens open war against U.S., Iraq

Renegade cleric Muqtada al Sadr on Saturday issued a "final warning" to the Iraqi government, threatening an open-ended "war until liberation" if U.S. and Iraqi troops don't stop their offensive against followers of his militant Shiite Muslim movement.

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3. April 2008, Asia Times, M K Bhadrakumar:

Iran torpedoes US plans for Iraqi oil

In the highly competitive world of international politics, nation states very rarely miss an opportunity to crow about success stories. The opportunity comes rare, mostly by default, and seldom enduring. By any standards of showmanship, therefore, Tehran has set a new benchmark of reticence.

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1. April 2008,, Juan Cole:

Why a-Maliki attacked Basra

The three reasons the Iraqi prime minister launched his ill-fated assault on the Sadrists of southern Iraq.

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10. September 2007, Alternet, Joshua Holland and Raed Jarrar:

The Battle for Iraq is About Oil and Democracy, Not Religion!

As Gen. Petraeus takes the D.C. stage, he and the media are only giving half of the story. Shockingly, the United States, Iran and al Qaeda have the same goals in Iraq.

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Juni 2007, Global Policy Forum:

War and Occupation in Iraq

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27. Juni 2005: Democracy Now!

World Tribunal on Iraq Condemns U.S. and Britain,

Recognizes Right of Iraqis to Resist Occupation

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Dezember 2002 - Aspects of India´s Economy:

Behind the Invasion of Iraq

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