1. Mai 2012 - Press-TV:

Initial phase of missile network in Europe complete 

A senior American official has stated that Washington plans to announce the completion of the initial phase of the deployment of a US-backed missile network in Europe. 

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21. Mai 2011 - World Future Online:


Battleground For NATO's 21st Century Strategic Concept 

The war by major North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states against Libya is in its third month and has been conducted under the official auspices of NATO for the past fifty days.

According to the military bloc's daily online tally [1], Alliance military aircraft have flown over 7,200 missions and more than 2,800 combat flights since NATO inaugurated so-called Operation Unified Protector on March 31.

The world's only military alliance stands to match or exceed the 78-day duration of its air war against Yugoslavia in 1999 if not to deploy troops in Libya in what could expand into protracted combat and occupation roles like those in Afghanistan and adjoining nations where the Pentagon and NATO will mark the tenth anniversary of their invasion this October 7.

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5. April 2009 - attac AG Globalisierung und Krieg:

NATO Summit 

* Election of Anders Fogh Rasmussen places huge burden on relations with the Islamic world 

* Glamorous summit used to legitimize dirty war in Afghanistan

* Our Alternative: Disband NATO, establish a world economy based on justice, combat climate change, no war for privileged access to natural resources.

"It's not the defense of common values, but bickering about influence in a cartel of interests that lies at the center of NATO's politics," says Gudrun Reiss, a peace activist for many years and spokeswoman of the Working Group on Globalisation and War of the German chapter of Attac. Attac, which pronounces itself favour of a world based on global justice and sustainable development, receives widespread support in Germany for many of its positions. 

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