12. September 2014 - Counterpunch, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed:

How the West Created the Islamic State
Follow the Money. Follow the Oil.

    • Divide and Rule in Iraq
    • Bankrolling al-Qaeda in Syria
    • Follow the Money
    • Follow the Oil
    • Tacit Complicity in IS Oil Smuggling
    • Buying ISIS Oil?
    • A New Map

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18. März 2011 - Daniel Ellsberg:

Wikileaks Logs Show Clear US War Crimes in Iraq<
Manning Was Reportedly Motivated By Conscience

The conditions under which Manning is being held clearly violate the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution against cruel and unusual punishment—even for someone being punished, having been convicted. Here we have someone who has not yet been tried, not yet convicted, being held in isolation, solitary confinement, for something over 9 months. This is something that is likely to drive a person mad, and may be the intent of what’s going on here.
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19. Juni 2006 - Ann Wright:

Speach at Oklahoma City Community College

[ Video-Aufzeichnung einer Presse-Konferenz (ca. 7 min.) ]

Mary Anne Wright resigned her post as deputy chief of mission in Mongolia on March 19, 2003, "the day before the United States launched air strikes on Baghdad" because "Wright decided she could no longer represent a government whose foreign policy she found indefensible."

27. Juni 2005 - Democracy Now!

World Tribunal on Iraq Condemns U.S. and Britain,
Recognizes Right of Iraqis to Resist Occupation

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