25. Dezember 2011 - Ha'aretz:

Reports in Sudan:

Israel struck two weapons convoys in past month

Sudanese military dismisses reports of recent Israeli airstrikes; according to foreign reports, IAF has struck Gaza-bound arms convoys in Sudan in the past.

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16. Januar 2011 - Global Research, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya:

The Balkanization of Sudan:

The Redrawing of the Middle East and North Africa

Sudan is a diverse nation and a country that represents the plurality of Africa through various tribes, clans, ethnicities, and religious groups. Yet the unity of Sudan is in question, while there is talk of unifying nations and of one day creating a United States of Africa through the African Union.

The limelight is on the January 2011 referendum in South Sudan. The Obama Administration has formally announced that it supports the separation of South Sudan from the rest of Sudan.

The balkanization of Sudan is what is really at stake. For years the leaders and officials of South Sudan have been supported by America and the European Union.

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