Milos Petrovic

Violation of International and Domestic Laws and Conventions

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) attacked the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) on March 24, 1999. NATO is an alliance of 19 countries: the United States of America (USA), Canada, The United Kingdom (UK), Federal Republic of Germany, French Republic, Italy, Republic of Turkey, Spain, Hellenic Republic (Greece), Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of Denmark, Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Iceland, Republic of Poland, Czech Republic, Republic of Hungary, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is a federation of two Republics - Serbia and Montenegro, and is a legal successor of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (known as the "former Yugoslavia").

The stated aim of the NATO operations was to prevent alleged human rights violations in the region of Serbia called Kosovo and Metohija. Even without questioning that aim, we can say that NATO violated a number of international and domestic (of individual NATO countries) laws and conventions, not only by starting such an operation and by the actions it took during the operation, but also by stating the aim itself.

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Richard Becker

The Rambouillet Accord: Pretext for a War of Aggression

The content of the Rambouillet Accord and the conduct of the U.S. and other NATO leaders in the period leading up to March 24, 1999, presents clear evidence of Crimes against Peace, Principle VI, section (i) and (ii) under the Nuremberg Principles.

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John Caruso

Economic Provisions of Rambouillet

Recently a good bit of attention in the independent media has been focused on the sections of the Rambouillet proposal (in particular Appendix B) that would have granted NATO colonial powers over all of Yugoslavia. These sections are important because they make it clear that there was never a serious intention for Yugoslavia to sign the document. Indeed, no sovereign nation would have done so willingly. However, the economic provisions of Rambouillet tend to get short shrift, though they are arguably even more important in understanding just how little the proposal had to do with establishing peace between the Yugoslav government and the separatist KLA.

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