28. Dezember 2011 - Press-TV:

Yemenis calling for Saleh trail, attacked

Clashes between supporters and opponents of a US-backed power transfer deal granting immunity to Yemeni dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh have left 35 people injured in the Yemeni capital.

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25. Dezember 2011 - Yemen Times: (Kopie 1)

Houthis and Salafis reach cease fire agreement

After intense armed conflict that claimed the lives of over 250 Yemenis since October of 2011, an agreement between Salafis and Houthis in Sa'ada has been orchestrated by a mediation committee. The agreement was reached on Thursday and stipulates a cease fire in the Dammaj area, as well as the removal of all military checkpoints and barriers by both parties.

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25. Dezember 2011 - Yemen Times:

Protests continue over ‘Life March’ killings

Tension has returned to Sana’a, after a five-day  ‘Life March’ from Taiz to the Yemeni capital protesting Saleh’s GCC-sponsored immunity from prosecution ended in the death of at least 13 protesters on Saturday.
Although the interior minister had vowed to protect the peaceful march, at least 13 protesters were killed by live ammunition when they reached Sana’a on Saturday. Security forces were deployed all over the city. Tear gas and sewage were used to disperse the march.

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21. November 2011 - Yemen Times, Nadia al-Sakkaf:

Why Yemen’s ‘hunger revolution’ has not happened

If Yemen is a country of 25 million, then 20 million of them don’t care if they have electricity or not and the other five million have their own generators. This is why Yemenis have not protested against the power cuts that in some cities, especially the capital Sana’a, see days pass by without electricity.
Had this situation been in any other country around the world heaven and earth would have turned upside down but in Yemen, people adjust and miraculously carry on.

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PressTV, Peter Rushton:

'No peace in Yemen with Saleh in power'

Interview with Peter Rushton, historian and political acativist, London

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