4. August 2017 - The Real News, Aaron Mate:

UK Court Protects Tony Blair from War Crimes Suit

The UK High Court has blocked a war crimes suit against Tony Blair for the Iraq invasion, but that won't stop the effort to hold him accountable says Stop the War Vice Chair, Chris Nineham
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05.07.2017 The Guardian:
                   Iraq war: judge to review Tony Blair prosecution ban 
31.07.2017 The Guardian:
                   Tony Blair prosecution over Iraq war blocked by judges 
01.08.2017 The Independent:
                   Third of British people want to see Tony Blair tried as a war criminal

12. Juni 2017 - StopTheWarCoalition, Chtis Nineham:

Surprise, Surprise:

Jeremy Corbyn's Anti-War Policies Turned out to Be a Vote Winner 
An astounding election result combined with the cancellation of Trump's visit show protest works.
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30. August 2013 - Tariq Ali:

The Vassal’s Revolt

Rejoice. Rejoice. The first chain of vassaldom has been broken. They will repair it, no doubt, but let’s celebrate independence while it lasts. For the first time in fifty years, the House of Commons has voted against participating in an imperial war. Aware of the deep and sustained opposition inside the country and within the military establishment, members of parliament decided to represent the will of the people. The speeches of all three leaders were pretty pathetic. Neither the opposition amendment nor the war resolution could muster enough support. That’s all we needed. The thirty odd Tory dissidents who made British participation impossible by voting against their leadership deserve our thanks. Perhaps now the BBC will start reflecting popular opinion instead of acting as the voice of the warmongers.

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